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Why do we need vitamin, mineral and other nutritional supplements?

The fertilizers and harvesting and shipping techniques that farmers use today produce fruits and vegetables that lack all the nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy and energetic. Our bodies are exposed pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and a variety of toxic chemicals and we need vitamins, minerals and other natural substances to get rid of these toxins. Because everyone’s unique, some people need higher levels of these natural supplements to maintain optimal health. Further, the ability to absorb nutrients decreases as we age and the stress of modern day life only increases our need for these healthy supplements to prevent infections, chronic disease and the effects of aging.


How do I know which supplements are right for me?
You have many choices of supplements and companies that produce them. Many supplements can interact with medications you’re already taking and it’s hard to know which combination of nutrients you need, in what amounts and where to get them. We’ve done the research for you and can help you formulate a plan that fits your unique needs and budget, whether that’s recommending a certain combination of products or performing nutritional testing to create a personalized nutrient supplement that is customized to your body’s unique needs. We only source nutritional supplements from the best U.S. companies and bring you the deepest discounts available. To learn more schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Malek, MD MPH, our Functional Medicine physician and Associate Professor at UCLA.​​​
Can I access supplements electonically?

We can also put a list of approved providers with discounts available to Malek Medicine patients:
1. Metagenics: go to  malekmedicine.metagenics.com/store
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2. Thorne Research Products
     Go to:  https://www.thorne.com/login  or  https://thorne.com  and click        on "My Account" to login
     In Patient Express Registration, use code: HCP1134633 
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